Family Law Consultation Matters for Family Dispute Resolution and Court Process

In an ideal world, separation, divorce, and other relationship breakdowns between family members would not occur. Unfortunately, that utopian state remains unreachable to this day. Thus the need to establish Family Law that relates to the regulation of personal or domestic relationships and the consequences that follow a relationship breakdown. Family Law in itself is complex, which is why family law consultation is vital for when your relationship is threatened by separation, divorce, and custody battles.

Family Dispute Resolution

Also known as mediation, this is a process where people in conflict can be supported to communicate with each other and find ways to resolve disputes. It is also a compulsory requirement for anyone going through a relationship breakdown. Click here BTLawyers

Couples and parents are required to make a genuine effort to resolve their issues through family dispute resolution before the case progresses through the court system.

The only exceptions are situations that involve child abuse, family violence, and other extremely urgent matters.

The process usually involves:

  • Identification of issues that need to be resolved
  • Opportunity for both parties to share their points of view without interruption
  • Share relevant information and explore different ideas and options
  • Test possible solutions
  • Put in writing all decisions and agreements

To ensure that you communicate information that is most relevant to your case, seek professional family law consultation.

Family Dispute Resolution Certificates will be provided to people who participated in the process. These serve as a confirmation that there was a genuine attempt to resolve family disputes.

You can then use the certificate when you want to apply to the court for a parenting order.

Benefits of Family Dispute Resolution

  • Less costly than the court process
  • Less stress and trauma than court proceedings
  • Resolutions can be achieved faster compared to the court process
  • There are no imposed decisions and the decision-making process remains under the control of participating parties

Moreover, Family Dispute Resolution is more effective because people are less likely to breach an agreement they made themselves.

What is the role of family dispute law firm Brisbane?

Practitioners of Family Dispute Resolution are highly skilled individuals with backgrounds in law, social sciences, and other professions. They are highly trained in resolving family disputes relating to property, finance, and children.

While they may give advice in relation to parenting and children matters, they do not give legal advice. Their role is primarily to explore general principles that apply to the case on hand.

This is where family dispute lawyers Brisbane firms have can help. They offer legal advice to a variety of family law cases from unique to extremely complex.

They will work with you whether you’re a client with an extremely large asset pool or a simple family man fighting for custody or visitation rights.

They can also help when you seek Arbitration, a less formal alternative to court proceedings, and negotiate agreements on your behalf. They can also assist you when it’s time to lodge your divorce application.

The best family lawyers can work with every family law case with professionalism and with the best interest of their clients and especially the children. Take a look at Dan Hadley Adelaide

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