Financial Services Digital Marketing Strategy

For many businesses in the financial services sector, digital marketing has evolved from something to be put at an arm’s length to a must-have marketing tool for engagement and conversions. That is why any financial marketing now has digital marketing as a major marketing component. However, it is not just enough to appreciate the importance of digital marketing for your business. It is also important to understand how you can use it well for bank marketing, insurance marketing, PE marketing or any other form of financial marketing for your business. Proper use of digital media must begin with a solid bank marketing MN strategy that will offer a clear roadmap of what you will achieve with your digital marketing.

Financial MarketingWhen planning your financial marketing strategy, there are certain important factors that you need to put into consideration. These include the following:

The Strategy

Having a form of strategy in anything is generally a sure recipe for success when it comes to online marketing.  When planning your bank marketing strategy, there are certain key considerations that you need to look into. These include the following:

·         Why are you launching a social media presence? Define the objectives that you plan to achieve through a robust social media presence. This is generally the first step in creating a robust digital marketing strategy.

·         Know Your Audience in the Social Media Channels – It is very critical to know and define the audience that you will be targeting in the social media channels as this will influence the kinds of messages that you will be crafting in these channels.  It is also important to analyze how this audience engages on the social media channels.

·         How are you planning to engage? What kind of information are you planning to share on the social channels? Will you be using your platforms as customer service tool? Do you have a social media policy?

·         How will you channel social media complaints or compliments to the right channels?

Activity and Engagement

Who will manage your social media channels in order to realize the stated objectives? You must make this choice carefully as this person or agency will be the face of the financial institution on social media. They must be knowledgeable about the business and the products, packages, latest developments and latest news amongst others. Additionally, they must be able to offer users tangible help. They need to inject some personality into the banks or insurance company’s digital space.


Measurement is a very important aspect when it comes to social media engagement.  There are many things which can be measured in order to ensure that the social media campaign is following the right path. These include the number of fans or followers, engagement, conversions, sales, sign ups, and reach amongst others. It is also important to measure your influence on social media or how you are able to shape opinion on relevant subjects.  This is an overview of some of the important factors that you need to consider when formulating a digital marketing strategy for financial marketing or banking marketing. Banks can hire professional agencies to assist them in formulating a custom strategy or roadmap that is suited to their needs.

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