Guide to Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods

When it comes to carpet cleaning, the argument of whether you should DIY or hire a professional is long over. It is no secret that the task is tedious and one that requires specialized equipment that you lack at home. Your job is to find the best Penrith carpet cleaning company out there. But how do you decide? One of the best methods you can use is to look at the type of cleaning methods they use. Make sure they have a variety of options to deal with various kinds of stains and cleaning problems.

To give you an idea, here is a breakdown of the common cleaning methods used by professional Penrith carpet cleaning companies:

Hot Water Extraction

This method is also popularly referred to as steam cleaning. The method involves the use of high-pressure water in order to penetrate deep into the carpet fibers and get rid of any dirt or dust that could get dislodged in there. The method starts by the application of a cleaning agent onto the carpet first, especially focusing on the areas that are soiled. Make sure to leave the cleaning agent on for a few minutes to give it time to work. Then, the area is cleaned with a brush before it is rinsed. The use of hot water is specified because it makes it easier to get rid of dirt as compared to room temperature water.

Depending on the size of the carpet, the time it will take to complete the cleaning process with hot water extraction will vary. A large carpet can take an average of 2 hours to finish cleaning. Then, it will require another 4 hours to dry.

Shampoo Cleaning

The process is as simple as the name implies. You must wash the carpet with shampoo, which is allowed to be absorbed into the carpet before it is brushed. However, this method of cleaning has been overshadowed by more advanced cleaning technologies of recent years. There are some downsides to this method such as leaving wet foam residues because of the fact that this cleaning method involves no rinsing. Furthermore, experts have determined that the re-soiling rate is faster than other cleaning methods.

Foam Encapsulation

This new and advanced method for cleaning used by Penrith carpet cleaning companies involves the use of a synthetic detergent. The detergent will be used as a base that will be crystallized until it turns into powder. From there, it becomes easier to remove the dirt and dust particles from the carpet with the use of a brush or vacuum.

This particular method has overtaken traditional methods such as shampoo cleaning, which was discussed above. It requires the use of less water and will require shorter drying time as compared to steam carpet cleaning. It also has less chemical residue and is, therefore, a more eco-friendly approach to tackling your carpet cleaning requirements at home.

There are more cleaning methods available for those who would like to have their carpets cleaned. It is good to know what your professional carpet cleaner intends to use for your home. That way, you will know about the potential health hazards and the effectiveness of the method.