Road Safety 101: Proper Handling for Car Breakdowns on the Road

Accidents and breakdowns can happen anytime when you’re on the road. You and your vehicle, perhaps a Skoda Kodiaq, Octavia, or Rapid, are not excluded from these kinds of mishaps. Which is why you need to be aware of the basics of car handling when it breaks down in the middle of the street. Instead of leaving it behind, which could get you fined by authorities for obstructing traffic, you need to do several things to take charge of the situation better. This guide will walk you through the road safety practices for car breakdowns. What do you actually need to do before calling a Skoda express service centre.

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Even the lack of knowledge for vehicle machinery doesn’t excuse you from not knowing the right thing to do in the event of a breakdown. You need to be able to perform a first-aid solution before any Skoda Yeti service company or any other mechanic arrives to help you. That said, here are the three must-do steps in case of car failures.

Pull Over to A Safer Spot

The first thing to do when your car stops on the street is to manoeuvre it to a safer spot on the side of the road. You need to keep it away from the speeding traffic for your safety and other drivers’ safety. In cases wherein you have to push your vehicle, you can ask for other motorists or bystanders to help you move it quicker. Remember to put your gear in neutral, else, you won’t be able to push your vehicle. This also applies when your car is being towed and brought to the closest Bowen Hills car service centre for repair. Even automatic cars have to be in neutral as it is pulled away.

Check the Situation

Assess the problem of your car. Know the basic troubleshooting of your vehicle to be able to make an accurate check. Most stalled cars are caused by problems in the battery, carburetor, or the ECU itself. If the problem is engine-related, check engine light. It would light up to give you a warning. You should inspect the fuel gauge as well as the fuel tank. It is possible that your tank is empty, but due to a broken gauge, the indicator shows otherwise. From time to time, you should get your vehicle tuned up from Skoda capped price service centres to make sure that everything is in perfect condition.

Likewise, if your car trouble is tyre-related, see if the situation can be handled by you. Do you have a spare that you can use? Do you know how to properly replace a flat tyre? If not, it is better to leave the job to the experts.

Call Emergency Services

For repair work beyond your control, call your local emergency services. You can also contact a towing service for your vehicle to be brought to the nearest Skoda express service. This is highly ideal especially to brand new vehicles. Brisbane City Skoda offers 5 years warranty to vehicles which means you can have your car checked and repaired.

Don’t panic during times of emergency. Keep these three steps in mind all the time; pull over, check, and call the people to bring your vehicle to the right Skoda express service centre for repair. Recall the steps above and resolve your problem with as less hitch as possible.